Core Technology of Ibuki Machinery

Providing exemplary quality, cost, and delivery with extensive automotive industry experience.

Quality Press Dies

Working with Over 5 Tier 1 Clients

For more than 40 years, we’ve been dedicated to quality press dies with high degrees of difficulty, creating 5,000 or more dies in total. The expertise accumulated over time is essential in pursuing our goal to deliver top services in press die design and production.

Machinery System Craft

A System to Meet Any Demand

We provide machinery systems adaptable to your exact needs. Our multi-purpose production system comprises both machinery incorporating dies and dies incorporating machinery for precision production to serve many applications such as building materials, household appliances, and various misc. goods.

Digital Engineering

For Precise Quality and Lead Time

Our entire manufacturing process makes use of 3D software featuring the latest technology, from initial analysis to design, production, and quality assurance. The wealth of experience, research, and know-how behind our comprehensive and streamlined system allows for both top quality products and short lead time production.

Current Projects

Dedicated to constantly improving our service by acquiring and integrating new technologies.
Improving the Die Making Process with Servo Press Strength

To achieve both higher quality and higher difficulty production techniques, we have been conducting research and optimization of the slide motion profile for our servo press machine.

Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining Applied to Die Making

By applying simultaneous 5-axis machining techniques, we aim for successful reproducibility in die component manufacturing while minimizing manual hand finishing processes.

Services Overview

High Difficulty Precision Press Dies

Press Die Making Evolution with Cutting-Edge Digital Engineering!

Multi-Purpose & Product Press Dies

Simplify your Manufacturing Process with our Multifunctional Die Technology!

Integrated Press Dies in Machinery Systems

Dramatically Improve Production Efficiency with our All-In-One Sulution!

High Difficulty Precision Machining of Large Parts

Total Support Solutions from Machining to 3D Shape Measuring!


3 Competitive Advantages

Easy Start-Up

Our one-stop support for smooth production line start-up begins with thorough preliminary analysis in order to introduce equipment that is best optimized to integrate easily with ongoing production.

Flexible & Highly Adaptable

Our optimized production method applies integrated technologies in press die and machine system production. Moreover, our accumulated software expertise helps us maximize compatibilty with your existing internal system.

Dependable Data Management

Our meticulous management of product data such as order number and part number allows swift processing, particulary for repeat orders. By recalling your product’s 3D data from our data archives, we assure the shortest lead time for immediate production.

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Nagahama, Shiga
529-0317 Japan
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