Machinery & Equipment

Facilities Introduction

At Ibuki Machinery, we are always striving to raise the bar in customer satisfaction by keeping our facilitities equipped with the latest technology and quality machinery. The list below highlights the main machinery equipment used in our facilities.

Trial Press Machines

Equipment Size No. of Units
Mega Press 600t 1 unit
Mega Press 350t 1 unit
Hydraulic Press 300t 1 unit
Servo Press 200t 1 unit
Mechanical Press 110t 1 unit

Processing Machines

Equipment No. of Units
5-Face Double Column Machining Center 2 units
5-Axis Simultaneous Machining Center 1 unit
Machining Center 2 units
Various other general purpose equipment  

Machinery Design Software Environments

Environment System No. of workstations
3D CAD 5 stations
3D CAM 3 stations
2D CAD 7 stations
2D CAM 3 stations
Press-Forming Simulation Software 1 station

3D Measuring System

Equipment No. of units
Non-contact 3D Measuring Device (3D scanner) 1 unit
Contact-Type 3D Measuring Device 1 unit